At 11th MARCH we will get new shipment:

Ling-Mei Black speed 78
Ling-Mei Golden speed 78
Ling-Mei 90 speed 78 & 77
Ling-Mei 80speed 78 & 77
Ling-Mei 70 speed 78
Different types of socks
BG400 overgrips

Check discounts from different amounts and models. Price is also depending on VAT %. These prices includes 24% VAT, but in many countries it is lower so you can get 1-5 % off in the shopping basket.

Please notice also free delivery for orders above 300 €.

All orders are forwarded from the online store on mon-fri within 24 hours.

We deliver to Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Portugal.

Ling-Mei is a Chinese brand. The company has more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing products. The company makes about 2.4 million dozen shuttlecocks annually. The manufacturer of Ling-Mei products also supplies raw materials to many international well-known brands. They are definitely an absolute specialist in shuttlecocks. Ling-Mei's goal is to gain a foothold in the EU market now.