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Badminton Tournaments all over the Finland!

Badminton Tournaments all over the Finland!

All players are welcome to join these unofficial tournaments!


General information:

Competitors will be drafted into 3 or 4 person/pair pools, if there is 5 players then you play 4 matches. Players in the same pool compete against each other. The winners of each pool will continue to cup system (if several pools) in which the winners go to the next round. At least two matches for everyone, if there are no injuries and absences.
You don’t have to be a member of any club or need a competition license from the association to participate this event. The players are not insured so check your own insurance! In competitions, players use Smash It 1 shuttles in a dispute situation, which you can also buy at the competition venue. Each player must put shuttlecocks for the match.

The competitions are held between 8:30 and 22:00. If you play one class, your competition day will take about 2-4 hours, two classes 4-8 hours, three classes 6-12 hours. The competition day starts with class MN-C/D or MK-C/D.
Since time and courts are limited, it may not be possible to include all registered participants.

Other things:

The timetables are published about a week before and the participant lists are updated almost daily, so you can follow the formation of the classes. Make sure you watch carefully to make sure you can play all the matches. The players count their own points and pick up the match cards from the referee's table. When you arrive at the venue, register at the organizer’s desk, and pay the registration fee with cash/mobilepay or card payment. You will receive a receipt if needed, e.g. to apply for registration fees elsewhere.
The score display is voluntary and there are no scorers on behalf of the organizer. Remember to write your name on the back of the match sheet for the draw. As a thank you for the dot display, you get something small from the organizer's table. There will be draws between those who has showed points at the matches.

E = hobby category - you play occasionally/a little, or you have just become familiar with badminton, or you have not yet found your hitting accuracy. Players can play with a nylon shuttles if it suits all parties.

D = you are an active hobbyist, or you have a lot of hobby competitions behind you, you have been playing for years, no success in C, B, A, V class. If you have won several hobby competitions or national competitions, your correct class is C.

C = is the lowest existing competition class, which can also be entered by first-time competitors. In official competitions, everyone starts in C class. Those who play a lot usually fit into this category even without competition experience. If you have several wins from category C, you belong to category B.

B = Advanced players. In amateur competitions, this is not the place for former elite-class players or top A-class players who no longer actively compete in competitions and have therefore dropped to B-class, and the player condition to play in A-class are still excellent. If there is no success in class A in the last five years, you are also welcome to class B with B-status. We don't want to make it possible for competitive players to avoid ranking points in our classes, so that they can play at a lower level year after year. If you have won B-class more than once or won A-class somewhere, you play National Championships, your place is A/Open - class.

A/Open = for former and current V and A (elite) – class players and challengers.

Send e-mail to badsmashes@gmail.com for further information or your registration. Please tell what tournament you would like to participate and are you member of any badminton club.


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