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Victor Smash It no. 1 shuttlecock
Victor Smash It no. 1 shuttlecock

Victor Smash It no. 1 shuttlecock

Limited amount of product
25,17 €
26,50 €
Including VAT. 24.00 %

Special design for Finland.

Availability 150 pc
Delivery time 80 - 90 workdays

1. grade goosefeather. Speed 78 and sandwich cork. In the tube 12 pcs shuttles.

These shuttlecocks are only sold in Finland. It's not found elsewhere. 

It's suitable for all levels. It has approved in Finland for all national tournaments. It is made from good quality goose feathers. Top-shuttle which fulfills high demands. These are little bit fast, but it makes shuttles last longer! Making small tipping to the feather makes it perfect and after feathers straights it still keeps good speed. You can use this shuttle longer in that way! Pricewise excellent choice. Many professional clubs are using this in Finland on all occasions.

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