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VICTOR Thruster F C
VICTOR Thruster F C VICTOR Thruster F C VICTOR Thruster F C VICTOR Thruster F C

VICTOR Thruster F C

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Comeback with a new color.

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The classic Thruster F, originally introduced by Tai Tzu Ying, celebrates its comeback with a new color finish. While preserving the known superb playability characteristics, the racket now comes with an upgraded 6,5mm shaft. In addition FREE CORE was added - a hollow handle construction - to increse the handling performance. The frame and shaft of the racket have also been further reinforced, so that the racket can be strung up to 14 kg.

No thermobag included.

Material: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL
Headshape: isometricWeight: abt. 87 g (4U)
Grip size: G2 = G5 (medium)Balance: Even Balanced
Stiffness:  Stiff
Max. String Ten.: abt. 14 kg
String: unstrungExtra: Hard-Cored Technology, Anti-Torsion System, Tri-Formation, Rebound-Shield, Free-Core, PYROFIL
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