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VICTOR AuraSpeed 90 F
VICTOR AuraSpeed 90 F VICTOR AuraSpeed 90 F VICTOR AuraSpeed 90 F VICTOR AuraSpeed 90 F

VICTOR AuraSpeed 90 F

135,78 €
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Agiler, faster and delicate. In this racket protection foil is missing out from the grip.

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As a Speed Series racket that features lightweight and agility, ARS-90F is an integration of all the classic technology of the AURASPEED series, but lighter and agiler, aiming to provide the players with a quick and smooth hitting experience. 

The designer not only adds delicate graphic elements to the decals, but also gives the racket a jelly-like texture with innovative coating technology. The translucent cap enables you to take a peek at the structure of the FREE CORE synthetic handle. 

ARS-90F is set with feather swing weight while maintains strength. ARS-90F focus on the continuity and instant rebound of flat strokes and net shots. The efficient force transmission brought by ARS-90F can help the players hit the shuttle to the baseline with ease. 

 Engineered with WES (Whipping Enhance System) and DYNAMIC-SWORD, which helps ARS-90F to drive better momentum and fast rebounding during swings.

FREE CORE synthetic handle plays a crucial role in the balance of ARS-90F.VICTOR R&D team adopts the relatively stiff shaft to create the fast rebound. By adding FREE CORE technology, ARS-90F also provides a comfortable and smooth hitting experience.

Throughout the ARS-90 series, ARS-90S features speed, ARS-90K features attack, and now ARS-90F features lightweight—the ARS series provide the players and consumers with various options for different playing style.

With above innovative racket design, ARS-90F brings fast flat strokes to another level, and makes net shots agiler. It’s a perfect racket for doubles front court players who aim for a more versatile style of play.

Unstrung and without thermobag. There is no protection foil around the grip.

Weight 4U and grip G6.

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