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VICTOR Auraspeed 100X H
VICTOR Auraspeed 100X H VICTOR Auraspeed 100X H VICTOR Auraspeed 100X H VICTOR Auraspeed 100X H

VICTOR Auraspeed 100X H

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Now in the stock 3U version.

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VICTOR welcomes the latest addition to the AURASPEED series—ARS-100X. With a suffix of X, this all-round flagship Speed racket focuses more on the continuity between each shot. ARS-100X perfectly combines the technical features of AURASPEED series with the innovative shaft technology, making it silent yet aggressive. 

Weight 3U / Grip size G5. Weight with string will be around 91 grams.  Max. stringing tension 13kg. Unstrung and without thermobag.

The Shaft Recovery System built in ARS-100X is VICTOR’s latest technology in 2021. It uses high-modulus carbon fiber, to help the shaft release its elasticity and recover faster, with recovery ability improved by 3% and force transmission improved by 4%. The perfect integration with the FREE CORE technology not only facilitates smooth and fast swings, but also delivers a comfortable, stable, yet powerful hitting experience—helping you take down the opponent and win! 

Since the introduction of VICTOR Anti-Torsion System in THRUSTER F, the hitting feedback brought by the highly anti-torsion shaft has received wide acclaim. ARS-100X, the all-round flagship Speed racket, further integrates the VICTOR Anti-Torsion System with the high tensile strength and lightweight PYROFIL carbon fiber to achieve easy defense, agile adjustment of shuttle's course, and speedy change from defense to attack.

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