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Gorilla Gold
Gorilla Gold

Gorilla Gold

8,45 €
13,00 €
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Non-Toxic Grip-Enhancing Reusable Towel

Availability 99 pcs
Delivery time 1 - 3 workdays

Whether you want to improve your grip in wet conditions or give your old grips a new grip feel, the Gorilla Gold Golf Grip Enhancer has become the most recommended name in golf and in every sport where grips play an important role. Gorilla Grip tacks up grips or hands for better control, repels moisture with a waxy coating, and dry-cleans grips by removing oil and dirt. 

Made in USA
All natural / odorless
USGA-approved under the Rules of Golf
R&A-approved for use under Rule 14-3
Gorilla Grip is safe for your hands, gloves, and grips
No lingering sticky feel on your grips
The tackiness gives your clubs a new grip feel every time you play            
Size 45x24cm

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