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VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C
VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C

VICTOR Jetspeed 10 C

142,60 €
Including VAT. 24 %

Jäykkä, kevyehkö sekä supernopea maila erityisesti nelinpeliin!

Availability 10 pcs
Delivery time 1 - 3 workdays

New JetSpeed 10 C racket with black and gold. Stiff, even balanced racket. Built with two cutting-edge technologies of PYROFIL and NANO FORTIFY, along with specialized small racket frame and thin shaft, JETSPEED S 10 is gifted with lightweight and sharp racket-handling experience. 

Lightweight and thin shaft accelerates each swing

JETSPEED S 10 is equipped with highly-resilient PYROFIL to strengthen the force of repulsion in the shaft. The stability and shock-absorption property of PYROFIL provides a better force transference along the racket. PYROFIL lightens the rackets by 10% while remaining the high quality and intensity, providing JETSPEED S 10 an ideal 6.8mm thin shaft with lightweight and better power-transmission.


Swing made simple with more concentrated power

With the smallest frame ever, JETSPEED S 10 accomplishes both swiftness and powerful attacks. The frame of JETSPEED S 10 is engineered with NANO FORTIFY, the ultra-high modulus carbon fiber, lightening the rackets by 11.6%. Large extent bending is now a cinch, and the strength of each swing can now be completely transferred. The frame of JETSPEED S 10 is smaller by 6% than ordinary rackets, which is also the smallest frame among all VICTOR rackets, making each swing action forceful and achieving the best maneuverability ever.

Grip size: G5
Weight: 86g (4U)
Strung: No
Max. tension: 12kg
Bag: No
Frame: High ResilienceModulus Graphite+NANO FORTIFY
Shaft: High ResilienceModulus Graphite+PYROFIL+Nano Resin+6.8 SHAFT

800 g
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